The Smyths

+ The Humdrum Express

20th July 2024

Doors Open - 7pm

40th Anniversary of The Smiths / Hatful Of Hollow + Best Of Set

The Smyths are back on tour for 2024!

The new tour is a celebration of the classic release of their self-titled debut album THE SMITHS & it’s vinyl accomplice HATFUL OF HOLLOW the compilation which featured outakes, radio sessions, b-sides and standalone singles but is often considered some if the bands finest work.

Between these two albums the band produced some of the greatest tracks THE SMITHS ever produced including Reel Around The Fountain, Hand In Glove, Still Ill, What Difference Does it Make & This Charming Man, Handsome Devil, William, It Was Really Nothing, How Soon Is Now, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, Back to the Ole House.

Alongside revisiting tracks off these great albums the band will also play a ‘Best Of’ set with tracks all across the classic Smiths back catalogue.


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