3rd May 2024

Doors Open - 7pm

There are only a few great bands on our planet that you can identify within the first few bars of one of their songs. With their unique melodic skill, their tasteful instrumentation, the right balance of depth and catchiness, and of course that charismatic voice, MAGNUM fall into this category of rock royalty.

After more than fifty years in music, Tony Clarkin continues to effortlessly find motivation and ideas for new material, drawing inspiration from a wide range of different areas: “You never quite know where or how an idea originates, but the many different countries we’ve travelled to, our decades of musical and artistic experience, and our interest in what’s happening with our planet, all play a part. At the end of the day, there’s not much that’s more satisfying for a musician than coming up with a new song which you are truly happy with”.

In tandem with Magnum’s new album, which is to be announced on 20th October and released in January 2024, Magnum will be touring Europe and the UK in April and May 2024.

Bob Catley – Vocals
Tony Clarkin – Guitar
Rick Benton – Keyboards
Dennis Ward – Bass
Lee Morris – Drums


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